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Rome NBA Basketball Star to be Featured in Movie

Oct 06, 2012 -- 1:15pm

By: Laura-Jane Hatcher 

The philanthropy of a NBA basketball legend from Rome is the subject of an upcoming inspirational film. 


Many Romans know the name Mike Glenn. He played guard for the New York Knicks, the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks in the 70s and 80s. Currently, he works as the Hawk’s post-game analyst and commentator for the Fox Sports Network. However, before his success on and off the court, he was an honor student at Coosa high School, where he still holds the Basketball record for most points scored. 
 But, his legendary basketball ability wasn’t what attracted film producer and screenwriter Darla Rae to his story---it was his work with deaf children.
In Rae’s upcoming film, Spirit of Love, Glenn’s basketball camp for the hearing impaired is featured. The camp is free of charge and draws over 100 deaf athletes to its campus every year. Rae said that Glenn’s story holds a message that is important for all to hear. 
“I went to the camp. I heard about it from all these coaches that brought me the story originally, and I thought, ‘I have to see this camp,’” she said. “I went to Cave Spring. I went to Rome—I went all over the Area. I met people that knew Mike’s father, knew Mike as a young boy, and I thought, ‘this is what we need to hear stories about. This is what encourages us as a society that there is still good left.’” 
The movie follows a group of misfit kids who attend the basketball camp, where Glenn, who plays himself, inspires them to meet their own challenges head-on. Rae plans to premiere the movie at the Sports Movie Film Festival in Milan, Italy; however, there are some very important finishing touches the film requires before it can be released to distributors.
“This is a film that will be released in theatres. That’s why we’re doing open captioning, so that the deaf and hard-of-hearing community can sit side by side with their hearing friends and family and not have to wait for the DVD to come out,” Rae said. “I interviewed numerous kids at the camp that said they wanted more films they could go to the movies with their friends to see. And, right now, they can’t.” 
To have the film captioned, it will cost $3,000. As Rae has already expended her budget, she is raising the money now. For more information about the movie, visit 

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