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New Water Filtration System Could Mean Lower Bills

Oct 09, 2012 -- 4:26pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
Lower water bills might be in Floyd County’s future. 
The Fulton rd. well and water filtration system is getting a make-over, a presentation at the Floyd County Commission Tuesday revealed. The commission agreed to go forward with the estimated 1.9 million dollar project which would revolutionize the technology employed and could potentially cut costs for water customers, said water department director Steve Hulsey.
“Right now we have Fulton well that went into operation in 1990, but we haven’t been able to run because of Turbidity—--which is sediment in the water. We’ve been waiting on technology to come and this membrane system is new technology,” He said. “By putting the money back into this, we can use this well. We can get twice the amount of water out of it at a lot cheaper price. That will benefit customers, which will keep our rates lower and give great quality of water.” 
This innovative membrane filtration system will pump 600 gallons of water per minute, which will end up returning the county’s hefty investment in just two to three years. Construction has not been announced, but it is estimated it will take 12 months to reach operational completion. 

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