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Staying Healthy in Cold Weather

Oct 14, 2012 -- 3:59pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
It’s finally fall. Treetops are breaking out into vivid orange, gold and reds. The sweltering summer heat is dwindling, and a slight chill is creeping into the air. But, unless you want to be sneezing into your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverage, the Northwest Georgia Department of Public Health is urging everyone to follow some simple steps to stay cold and flu free. 
Cooler months see a sharp increase in disease, says Logan Boss, spokesperson for the NWGA Department of Health. People tend to congregate more indoors, which leads them to be more susceptible to catching an illness from one another. Boss says the key to staying healthy lies in frequent hand-washing and in avoidance. 
“The primary way that influenza is transmitted is when people cough or sneeze and expel virus-laden particles that can remain suspended in the air for hours or days, or end up on inanimate objects that people eventually touch.” He says. “If you can avoid being within 3ft. of people who seem to be exhibiting these symptoms, you’ll go a long way in preventing getting a cold or Flu.” 
Though colds can feel pretty bad, Boss says that the Flu is one of the most debilitating illnesses a person can contract. He urges everyone over the age of 6 months to get a Flu shot. 

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