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Gordon Sheriff Gets Motorcycles Thanks to Drug $$$

Dec 13, 2012 -- 10:35am

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

Sometimes crime does pay...for new police motorcycles that is.

The Gordon County Sheriff’s Department has some new wheels, and they have drug money to thank for it.

Sheriff Mitch Ralston reports the Department has acquired two identical motorcycles for police use, one of which was seized in a drug arrest in March of this year and another which was paid for with cash taken from that crime scene. The March incident involved a traffic stop in the Dews Pond area on a suspicious driver who was on a motorcycle and later found to be in possession of methamphetamine and several thousand dollars in cash. Superior Court granted a condemnation in June, giving the Department both the bike and the money. Police found the seized motorcycle to be in excellent condition and used the cash to buy a second one, before converting them into law enforcement patrol motorcycles. Ralston says police typically use either Harley Davidson or BMW bikes, but in this case they made an exception since the cost to the Gordon County taxpayers was zero.

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