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Still Time to Squeeze in Goodwill Donation

Dec 29, 2012 -- 2:46pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)

Even with just three days left in 2012, there’s still time to squeeze in a charitable tax deduction by donating some of your leftover Christmas clutter to Goodwill. 
The Goodwill of North Georgia accepts items in good repair year round, but the week before year’s end is typically their busiest donation period. This time last year, they collected over 87,000 donations from December 26th-31st. 
With this in mind, the charitable organization is prepared for the heavy arrival of contributions, says Goodwill Spokeswoman Elaine Armstrong. 
“You have to put all the things in the boxes and make your list, and so, when you come here we want to make it as easy as possible and get you through those lines. We will have folks here that are more than willing to help you unload those items and to give you your receipt so you can get on about your day,” she said. “If you’d like to make donations, we’re open all the way until December 31st, and if there’s a line of cars on that day, we’ll wait until we serve that last person.” 
As for what to give, the Goodwill suggests taking a look around your home, especially your closet, and looking for things that are simply taking up space. Trinkets, figurines, candleholders are always welcome along with kitchen appliances that aren’t always used as often, like waffle irons and Panini makers. There are some things to consider, however, when deciding exactly what to give away.   
“Ask yourself if you’d give it to a family member or friend, it’s an easy question, something that we can all answer. If you’d give it to a family member or friend, it’s probably in good enough condition to give to goodwill,” she explained. “Especially when we’re talking about electronics, make sure you erase your memory. If you have those old cell phones or computer equipment, make sure you wipe that memory off of there. The computers we recycle through a partnership with Dell Computers, so those aren’t things that might end up on our shelves, but the cell phones might.”  
Donations made before January 1st can be claimed on the itemized deduction form 1040 when filing taxes. And, your donation not only benefits you, it helps put people to work. With revenues generated from the store, the Goodwill of North Georgia helped over 10,000 people find a job or start a new business in 2012. 
The Rome Goodwill Donation center and Store will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They are located 154 Hicks Drive.  
Directions and hours can be found here. 

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