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Man Steals Floyd County Sheriff's Deputies Flag

Feb 03, 2013 -- 1:57pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
An alleged flag thief was arrested Friday after telling cops at a traffic stop that he stole the American flag from the Floyd County Sherriff’s Office. 
Late Friday night, Floyd County Police say that they stopped 25-year-old Phillip Blakely Broome on Eden Valley Rd. for speeding. Officers ran his name through their database, which revealed Broome’s registration was suspended and he had no valid insurance for his car. At that point, Broome was placed under arrest, leading cops to search his vehicle where they made a startling discovery---one ‘Christian’ and two Americans flag tucked inside his trunk. Police say Broome voluntarily admitted that the flags were stolen.
Back at the Floyd County Jail, deputies examined the flag and realized it was their one of their own, having been stolen this past Wednesday. More charges were added against Broome, who was placed into a padded holding cell. Sometime later, officers checked in on Broome, only to find he had somehow wormed himself into the ceiling, causing major damage to the cell’s padding and ventilation duct. For his impressive, but baffling foray with the law, Broome is charged with several felony counts of interference with government property, a single count of criminal attempt to escape, theft by taking, and many, many other charges. 
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