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Local Animal Shelter Leads Effort to Reunite Pets and Owners

Feb 03, 2013 -- 8:04pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)

Young dog found wandering in Adairsville on HWY 41.
Humans aren’t the only victims of a disaster.  
The Animal Rescue League of Northwest Georgia is heading up efforts to reunite owners with pets displaced by Wednesday’s storm. The EF-3 tornado leveled a number of homes in Gordon and Bartow counties, scattering human and furry victims alike.  
In just four days, Cathy Roth of the animal rescue says that their shelter has taken in 15 animals, which is more than double their weekly intake. Their Facebook page has become a virtual lost-and-found, filled with pleas from desperate pet-owners and pictures of doe-eyed dogs and cats found wandering after the storm. 
Though no one has been reunited yet, Roth claims that there are steps pet-owners can take to locate their furry friends. 
“Anytime a family loses an animal, whether by disaster or just regularly, reach out to the animal control in the county-- contact veterinarians in the area and put up signs in the area,” Roth says. “With this situation we definitely want people to reach out to us, and we’ll put it on our Facebook page as well as networking it through other shelters in the area.”     
Roth also beseeches people who find wandering pets to bring them into their own homes, as their shelter is quickly filling up. The Rescue League will take care of locating their owner, all you have to do is snap a picture and send it to them at or visit their Facebook page. The shelter may also be contacted at 678-848-1889. 
And, even in the face of a dark disaster that has reduced countless homes and businesses to rubble, there is humor to be found---namely in a little Beagle-Dachshund mix that defended his home from the Wednesday’s tornado. 
“On Thursday, when we first got out to the shelters, we ran into this family where this husband had been on the front porch with the family pet looking at the Tornado coming towards them,” recounts Roth. “And, he turned to go inside, calling the dog with him. Instead, the dog ran off the porch and ran straight towards the tornado. The poor man saw his dog swept up in the tornado and they thought he was lost.” 
“About three-and-a-half hours later, lo and behold that beautiful little dog walked back up, completely unscathed—--not a scratch on him.” 
PICTURE: Young dog found wandering in Adairsville on HWY 41 near the 140 intersection. 

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