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TEA Party to Host Forum on Guns

Mar 04, 2013 -- 9:56pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News) 
An intense, national discussion continues to surround the issue of gun rights and gun violence. 
To combat some of the misinformation floating around the subject, the Rome TEA Party will be hosting a 2nd Amendment Forum this Thursday, where citizens will have a chance probe the minds of local experts. The panel will consist of four or five community representatives with varying perspectives, including Executive Director of Georgia, Jerry Henry. 
Rome TEA Party spokesman Mike Morton says the forum was prompted by a by a lack of knowledge on both sides. 
“What led us to this was the swift move toward reaching conclusions that call for banning for guns and reacting to both sides,” Morton says. “There was this immediate reaction all with a misunderstanding and a lack of knowledge about what the guns are and what they are not.” 
The event will be held this Thursday beginning at 6:30 at Grace Bible Church at 614 Old Dalton Road. 

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