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Fire Department Urges Grilling Safety

May 26, 2013 -- 3:08pm
By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)

Nothing quite says Memorial Day like a couple of steaks sizzling on the grill, and while you may be a master of outdoor cooking, a little extra caution couldn't hurt. 
The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that each year, over $37 million worth of property and ten lives are lost to fires that began in a grill. 
And, just two weeks ago in Rome, a propane tank explosion caused by a leaky hose on a gas grill ignited a home, causing extensive structure damage. 
With all this in mind, Rome Fire Department Captain Brad Roberson says to follow just a few steps to keep your grilling safe. 
“Just be responsible with your grill. Always have someone with it---always make sure it’s in good working condition and always be careful of its location,” Roberson says. “If you do see a problem arise, call the fire department.” 
Roberson says that many of the propane gas grill fires they investigate are caused by leaks in the hose to the tank. Before starting the cooker up, you can apply a soap and water solution to the hose to test for leaks. If there are bubbles, then you have a problem.  
As for charcoal grills, Roberson says more fires erupt from improperly discarded coals than from the units themselves. So, always make sure the coals are cold before you toss them. 

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