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Current Floyd Court Software In Danger of Crash

Jul 04, 2013 -- 1:11pm
By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA news) 
An unusual proposal has found its way in front of the SPLOST committee.  
Unlike other proposed penny-tax projects with material needs, the Floyd County Court System has asked for a much-needed software upgrade. Their current software, called Sustain, is used to electronically store court cases. It was state-of-the-art in 1993, but now, some 20 years later, Superior Court Clerk Barbara Penson says the system is in daily danger of crashing.   
“We’re running 20-year-old software that has had no updates in the last 13 years. It’s a pretty desperate situation,” Penson says. “My counterpart in Walker County had the misfortunate of his crashing in 2009. It shut their courts down for a long time while they went out and borrowed money to purchase software to get their courts back up and running.” 
“I don’t want to see that happen in Floyd,” Penson says. 
Only eight counties in Georgia still use Sustain, and the state no longer supports or updates the program. 
The price tag for the new software is relatively in-expensive compared to other SPLOST projects, coming in around $300,000. 
The next SPLOST committee meeting will be held July 11th at the EOC on East Main St.  

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