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Holiday Crime; Safety Tips for Shoppers

Nov 18, 2012 -- 3:32pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
With Black Friday just days away, the holiday shopping season has officially begun. But, as stores gear up for the flood of shoppers, local police departments are preparing for the inevitable increase in crime.  
Lieutenant Tony Pyle with the Calhoun Police Department says that beginning in November, all retail centers become a prime target for theft. 
“This time of the year, anything that has to do with retail where people are out shopping, we do see an increase in theft,” Pyle said.  
“Also, people will lay their credit card or checkbook down, and we have issues with that. By the time they come to retrieve it, someone has taken it and actually used it.” 
To stem the tide of crime that along with the holiday season, the Calhoun police department has advised consumers to remain vigilant. Pyle says shoppers should also keep an eye out as they pay a store clerk. Thieves might attempt to read the account number on a checkbook or credit card, so be as discrete it as possible.
When leaving valuables or purchases in the car, store them safely in the trunk, under lock and key. Ladies are also urged to not put their purses in the buggies, and keep handbags within arms’ length. And, everyone should bring a buddy along with them when night-time shopping. 
All-in-all, Calhoun police say good common sense is the best protection against holiday crime. 
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