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Many Projects In-Store for Rome in 2013

Jan 13, 2013 -- 5:07pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
With a host of developed projects under their belt, and more underway for the New Year, 2013 is promising to be a fruitful time for the Rome City Commission 
According to Rome Mayor Evie McNiece, the city commission and its partners saw a number of projects blossom in 2012. Certainly topping that list is the Lowes Distribution Center, which was in the works for some five years and has already hired a portion of its estimated 500-person workforce. 
Many more projects are sitting on the burner for 2013, including the re-development of the Riverfront and the recently announced Courtyard by Marriott, which could potentially occupy the vacant West Third lot downtown. And, of course, burning on the horizon bright as the sun is the highly-anticipated Publix Supermarket.  
“It’s an exciting year, and a good year. These are projects that have been on the books or have been looked at, and now this year, will come to fruition. For instance, the Publix---we’ve waited and waited and waited,” McNiece said. “Will Byington did a wonderful job with that and Charles Worthen from the development company. They’ve said they want to be open for their major season, so that looks good.” 
McNiece said that the superstore could begin operations as early as Thanksgiving or Christmas. 
In the meantime, the Rome City Commission will hold its first meeting of the New Year Monday and an unresolved issue from 2012 is set to make an appearance. The Lewis Family’s backyard hens return to the agenda from the planning commission, this time with no recommendation, as members were locked in a five-to-five vote.  

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