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Potential Layoffs Face Floyd County School Workers

Feb 05, 2013 -- 11:53pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)

Floyd County School teachers are facing potential layoffs in the coming academic year.   
At a somber school board meeting Tuesday, Superintendent Jeff McDaniel outlined procedures he and the board would take to terminate employees in-order to meet the 2014 budget. 
The county schools have been facing a shrinking revenue stream from the state and other funds for several years now. Since 2003, they have been vigorously slashing expenditures in-order to deal with a $50 million drop in funding. 
And, even though administrators are looking into several ways to save, reducing the amount of teachers they employ would, unfortunately, free up money. Out of the 180 school districts in Georgia, only two other districts spend more money than the Floyd County Schools on instruction. 
McDaniel says nothing is set in stone as of yet, including the Reduction in Force, or RIF, plan.   
“We’re still working on the details of that budget. So, to say the RIF plan will be invoked or it won’t ---it’s hard to say that right now. If we do have to make some difficult decisions, we’re going to do it with compassion, sincerity and with all the good to our employees,” McDaniel says. “If we have to make these tough decisions, we’ll make to in a timely manner, so they have time to get their house in order. It’s called professionalism, and we’re not going to back down on that if it comes to that.”
If the layoffs do occur, the personnel cuts would be determined on a number of criteria, including annual evaluations and maintaining proper staffing for district programs. And, school principals would be the first to let the ill-fated individuals know. 

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