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UPDATED: Power Back On For All

Mar 19, 2013 -- 12:11am


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher & Kevin Karel (WRGA News)
UPDATE 4PM THURSDAY:The lights are back on after Monday’s deadly storm knocked electricity out for over 32,000 Northwest Georgians. 
As of early Thursday morning, all Georgia Power customers affected by the lethal weather in the Rome and Cedartown-areas have their power back. Georgia Power spokesman John Kraft says it was an arduous process, restoring electricity to 10,000 clients in Cedartown and 8,000 in Rome. 
“We began the restoration process Monday evening after the storm blew through,” Kraft says. “We had crews working through Monday night, into Tuesday morning. We had to obviously let those guys go home and get some rest. We brought in some new crews, tried to get our contractors in and other resources that we could to help us out in the areas with the heaviest damage. We worked on that storm pretty much around the clock for two days to get everyone back on.” 
The 90-100mph winds that wiped out power for thousands also damaged homes and downed countless trees, one of which fell on the car of Larry Agan. The Cave Spring resident died at an area hospital from injuries he sustained in the accident.  
UPDATE 12 PM WEDNESDAY: Georgia Power reports that as of 9 am Wednesday there were still power outages across several Northwest Georgia counties as a result of Monday’s straight-line winds which are believed to have reached upwards of 100 mph.  Georgia Power estimates that about 1,300 customers in Cedartown, 250 in Summerville and 100 in Rome were without power.  There were also reports of several scattered outages across the region.   

North Georgia E.M.C. reported that all their customers had power restored by late Tuesday afternoon with the exception of a few isolated cases.  NGEMC customers in storm-ravaged areas of Chattooga and Walker counties were hit especially hard.  

UPDATE : Tuesday March 19th. 

Over 9,000 people are still without power in Northwest Georgia after Monday’s deadly storm. 
As of 3pm Tuesday, 5,000 people in the Cedartown-area and 3,200 in the Rome-area are still in the dark. Georgia Power Spokesman John Kraft says that, while the majority of outages have been fixed, progress on power poles left could come slower in the hardest hit areas. 
“This part of the restoration, you get down to making individual repairs. Earlier in the storm, you make a repair; you may get 1,000 customers back. At this point, you make a repair; you may get 10 customers back,” Kraft says. “It does slow down, but we are making some progress.”
Georgia Power crews have been working non-stop since Monday night on restoring electricity through the region. At the height of outages, over 32,000 people were without power in Northwest Georgia.  
 North Georgia E.M.C. reports as of 9 am Tuesday less than 100 of their customers lacked power after Monday's storm.  At the height of the storm approximately 4,000 customers lost power across seven counties in the region.  
By the end of the day all N.G.E.M.C. customers are expected to regain power.  
UPDATE 7 AM TUESDAY: North Georgia E.M.C. reports that at about 4 am Tuesday there were less than 1,000 of their customers still without power following the storms which rolled in late Monday afternoon.  A spokeswoman for N.G.E.M.C. says the remaining outages are concentrated in Chattooga County.  
Monday’s storm knocked power out for some 32,000 people in Northwest Georgia.
The outages are widespread and large---Georgia Power Personnel plan to work through the night to restore power to their 25,000 customers still in the dark.  Georgia Power spokeswoman Carol Boatwright says the majority of customers will have electricity sometime Tuesday. 
“We’ve got about 25,300 customers out in the northwest corner of Georgia. About 10,000 of those customers are in Cedartown, about 8,000 in Rome, and about 2,800 in Summerville,” she says. “The damage is very widespread. At this point, we’re not able to make an estimate of when we will get power restored. It will be sometime in the day tomorrow (Tuesday) for the majority of the customers.” 
Many North Georgia EMC customers were also affected by the destructive winds. As of 9:30pm Monday, they report approximately 3,500 people were without power, the majority of those being in Walker and Chattooga Counties. 

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