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Floyd Police to Increase Presence in Schools

Mar 24, 2013 -- 6:46pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
If you happen to see a police vehicle parked outside a Floyd County School, don’t be alarmed---they’re just having lunch. 
As a part of the Floyd County Sherriff’s new Adopt-A-School Program, local authorities will be stopping by when they’re in the area in-order to increase their presence in the school system. The proposal actually stems from a suggestion made at the Floyd County Schools’ January Safety Summit, says Tim Hensley, schools spokesman. 
“In sitting down and discussing options and ways that we can work together to improve safety--- one of the ideas brought up was to have police officers stop in to the schools and visit,” Hensley says. “We can’t afford unfortunately at this time to put more resource officers into the school. The police department and the Sherriff’s department were able to see they could do that---to have an officer visit on a regular basis, and that’s a good thing.” 
In the face of a notoriously tight budget, the school system simply cannot afford to add another resource officer, Hensley says. Their force of four is already stretched thin, patrolling middle and high schools and popping in intermittently to the grammar school.

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