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Investigation Continues in Boston Bombing Attack

Apr 16, 2013 -- 4:20pm

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

Authorities in Massachusetts have identified the second of three victims killed in Monday’s Boston Marathon twin-bombing as Krystle Campbell, a 29-year old woman who was waiting for a friend at the finish line.  Police had previously identified another victim as 8-year-old Martin Richard.  Police now know the bombs were made with pressure cookers and loaded with sharp metal objects and pellets.  Dr. George Velamos, Chief of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, says victims were wounded by a variety of objects from the bombs;

"(The) bombs contained small metallic fragments, more consistent with pellets, but also other small pieces of metal and also spiked points that contained nails without heads."

A day after declining to do so, President Obama Tuesday called the attack an act of terror and said the full resources of the federal government will be used in the investigation. FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Richard DesLauriers spoke late Tuesday morning at a press conference along with several prominent political leaders and vowed that the FBI will go to the ends of the earth to find those responsible for the bombings.

After reports surfaced Monday about two additional undetonated explosive devices being found by police, the FBI is now saying that there were never any additional bombs found. The only two explosives involved both went off, killing three people and wounding nearly 180 more. Two Northwest Georgia residents who had travelled to Boston for the annual race, Alexis Headrix, who works in Rome, and Kirge Schabort of Polk County, both escaped unharmed from the explosions.

Despite several FBI leads including the questioning of a Saudi-national and the presence of a suspicious hooded man on a security camera carrying two backpacks, there have been no arrests so far in the case and police have not identified a suspect.

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