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Wednesday Filled with Fear, Misinformation in Boston

Apr 17, 2013 -- 4:57pm

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

The news was unsettling across the country on Wednesday, complete with a mixture of poison letters, a bomb threat and evacuation of a Boston courthouse as well as a potential breakthrough for the FBI in the Boston terrorist attack investigation.

Police and federal agents have identified a suspect from the twin-bombing at the Boston Marathon after they reviewed surveillance video tapes from a department store near the finish line. CBS News says the suspect on the tape is a white male who is seen wearing a backwards white cap, black jacket and gray hoodie. He is also said to have been carrying a black bag which he leaves near the site of the second explosion.

The afternoon was littered with misinformation from national media outlets, most notably, CNN, which was the first to report an arrest had been made in the case, though others later followed suit. Shortly thereafter the FBI’s Boston Division issued a statement denying that an arrest had been made and asking the media to better verify their information before reporting it. The FBI also said a number of incorrect reports had been made public since the bombings on Monday.

Adding to the mayhem was a high alert in Washington D.C. from a letter addressed to President Obama which contained the poison-substance ricin. Around 2 pm in South Boston a federal courthouse was evacuated and a ‘code red’ issued after a bomb threat was received, though people were allowed back inside a couple hours later.
  (photo courtesy of NY Post)

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