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Experts: Gas Prices Will Keep Dropping

Apr 22, 2013 -- 1:41pm

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

The cost of gas has continued its freefall within the last week and experts believe the drop is likely to last until the start of the busy summer travel season.

AAA-South released the organizations’ weekly gas report late Sunday night and the data shows a small drop in the national average to $3.52 per gallon, down about a penny. The price is roughly $0.17 lower than it was a month ago in the U.S. Georgia has seen a much more dramatic reduction in regular unleaded fuel cost this week with the statewide average currently $3.34, down six cents.

CNBC Anchor Courtney Reagan says the prices at the pump are expected to be friendly until Memorial Day;

"We are about a month away from the start of summer driving season and we could see some relief at the gas pump.  Analysts say prices could actually fall another $0.20 by Memorial Day as crude oil continues to slump and demand for energy overall remains weak."

As is typically the case, gas prices in Northwest Georgia are lower than both the state and nationwide averages this week. The cheapest fuel in the region can be found in Calhoun, Dalton and Cartersville for about $3.16 per gallon, while regular unleaded is currently highest in Rome at $3.38 and Summerville at $3.35.

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