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Floyd County Schools' RIF Under State Review

Apr 26, 2013 -- 9:26pm


By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News)
The Floyd County Schools are in hot water again following their contentious RIF plan.
Georgia’s Charter Advisory Committee has asked the State Board of Education to look into the RIF plan enacted by Floyd Schools in January to determine if the mass layoff violated its charter school contract. 
Citizen complaints made to the committee allege that the Floyd County School System didn’t involve School Council and Governance Teams in the decision that axed 120 employees. This could mean a violation in the schools’ charter, says Georgia Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza. 
“Any time you have a charter, the idea is that the decisions are made at the local level, down to the school level. In a charter system, the idea is that the governance is still at the school level,” Cardoza says. “In this particular case, because there was a reduction in force and that’s a lot of personnel decisions, then those decisions were made at the district level and the Charter Advisory Committee was bringing up the issue that they thought it should be through those councils at the local level.
"They’ve asked the state board of education to look at it and determine whether if it was a breach of contract.” 
At a May 8th meeting, the advisory committee will informally discuss the allegation, and a decision on whether or not to pursue the issue will not come until after that. The committee could decide to hold a hearing, and if Floyd County Schools is found to have violated its charter, it could be revoked.  

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