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UPDATE: Rockmart Good Samaritan Not Doing 'Well'

Jun 10, 2013 -- 9:58pm
By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News) 

Update: June 16, 2013
The Good Samaritan who paralyzed himself trying to save a drowning 4-year-old is not doing well, doctors say. 

Rockmart’s Mike Patterson, who dived into a Silver Comet Trail creek last Saturday after the young girl, severing his spine and breaking his neck in three places, remains in Redmond Regional Hospital where his condition continues to deteriorate. 
His sister, Tiffany Jones, says doctors are struggling to reel in his high fever. 
“Mike is not good. They get the temperature down to 103 Degrees and as soon as they use whatever they used to get it down, it’s right back up,” she says. “They’ve called in an Infectious Disease specialist because the doctor stated he shouldn’t be where he is. He has pneumonia in both lungs. They did a surgery yesterday [Friday], a Tracheotomy. He went in with a 104 degree fever. They sucked a lot of stuff out of his lungs, but there was a lot they could not get.” 
Support has been pouring-in from all over the nation and world for the man many call a hero. 
In his lucid moments, Jones says her brother could not understand why people would thank him for what he believes anyone else would’ve done.
“He doesn’t understand why because he does have a son----he said, he did anything he hoped someone would do if it were his son,” Jones says. “He doesn’t see it as heroism; he doesn’t see it as anything special. He was there when he needed to be there; and he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to thank him.” 
A GoFundMe page boasts over $74,000 raised so far for the uninsured man. To donate, visit their Facebook page, at     





UPDATE: According to the Facebook page set up by Patterson's family, the Rockmart man is now in a medically induced coma and has Pneumonia in both lungs.


PREVIOUSLY: The family of the Rockmart who was critically injured diving after a drowning 4-year-old girl has set up a fund at a local bank to help with his medical costs.

His family has opened up a fund at River City Bank in Rome that anyone can donate to. Checks can be made out to Mike Patterson Donation Fund. 


A Rockmart man who many are calling a hero is paralyzed after he dived into a creek to save a drowning 4-year-old girl. 
The incident occurred on Saturday around the Silver Comet Trail in Polk County. A 4-year-old girl was wading in a creek there when a current suddenly swept her away. 
Michael Patterson of Rockmart was nearby, and without a second thought, leapt in after her. Fortunately, Patterson saved the little girl, but his heroism came at a great cost; the 43-year-old father of one suffered critical injuries to his neck and spine, effectively paralyzing him.
His mother, Vicki Jones, says, even knowing the tragic outcome of his actions, her son would still do it all over again.
“Mike’s a wonderful person. He has done something similar like this before for someone else about two weeks ago,” Jones says. “The same Rockmart police officer worked both accidents and she said she could not believe Mike would be in two places at two different times and save two different people.” 
“But, in this one----he really got hurt.” 
Jones says they hope to get him into the Sheppard Center in Atlanta. Right now, he continues his recovery at Redmond Regional Hospital, where doctors recently reported he was breathing on his own. 
Patterson had just recently begun a new job and has no insurance. 
A fund is being set up to help cover some of his medical costs. We will bring you information on how you can you donate when it becomes available.  

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