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County Commission to Vote On Sunday Alcohol Sales

Jul 19, 2013 -- 9:10pm
By: Laura-Jane Hatcher (WRGA News) 
Sunday alcohol sales in Floyd County could be up for vote this November 5th. 
On Tuesday’s agenda, Floyd County Commissioners are set to decide whether or not pouring and package sales of wine and malt beverages will make this fall’s ballot.
Chairman Irwin Bagwell says several businesses and citizens have asked him to bring the issue before the people for a vote. 
“They’ll be two separate resolutions; one will allow Sunday sales in the county at convenience stores and the other will allow beer and wine sales at restaurants in the unincorporated areas,” Bagwell says. “Surrounding counties already have Sunday sales and I think it’s a trend that we’re now seeing that counties are going through to allow beer and wine in the unincorporated areas. We will mirror what the city is already doing inside its limits.”  
Georgia law limits the sale of alcohol between certain hours on Sundays. Beer and wine packages may be purchased 12:30-11pm. Restaurants may pour alcohol from 12:30pm to 1:30 Monday morning.
Rome has allowed Sunday alcohol package sales for a little over a year now and pouring at restaurants for close to eight. 
Bagwell says that if the referendum passes, the only difference between the city and county is that Floyd would not permit liquor to be served or bought on Sundays.  

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