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City Commission expected to vote on smoking ordinance Monday

February 10, 2019--12:00 p.m.

Staff reports

Second Reading and a vote on a proposed City of Rome Smoking Ordinance is on the agenda for Monday night's Rome City Commission meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

If approved, smoking would be prohibited in the Broad Street District, the Town Green Park, all downtown parking decks managed by the Downtown Development Authority of Rome within the Broad Street District, the public area of Bridgepoint Plaza, and in all enclosed areas within places of employment.  See map below.

That includes, but not limited to, common work areas, auditoriums, classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, elevators, hallways, medical facilities, cafeterias, employee lounges, stairs, restrooms, and all other enclosed facilities within the city.

Additionally, smoking shall be prohibited within 25 feet from a public entrance to a public place or place of employment.

There are a number of exceptions including:

Private residences, except when used as a licensed child care, adult day-care, or health care facility

Hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests and are designated as smoking rooms; provided, however, that not more than 20 percent of rooms rented to guests in a hotel or motel may be so designated

Retail tobacco stores, provided that secondhand smoke from such stores does not infiltrate into areas where smoking is prohibited

Long-term care facilities

Outdoor areas of places of employment

All workplaces of any manufacturer, importer, or wholesaler of tobacco products, of any tobacco leaf dealer or processor, and all tobacco storage facilities

Bars and restaurants to which access is denied to any person under the age of 18 and that do not employ any individual under the age of 18.

And additionally, public places and place of employment declared to be smoking environments by displaying appropriate signage.

Smoking areas designated by an employer which shall meet the following requirements:

The smoking area shall be located in a non-work area where no employee, as part of his or her work responsibilities, shall be required to enter, except such work responsibilities shall not include custodial or maintenance work carried out in the smoking area when it is unoccupied

Air handling systems from the smoking area shall be independent from the main air handling system that serves all other areas of the building and all air within the smoking area shall be exhausted directly to the outside by an exhaust fan of sufficient size and capacity for the smoking area and no air from the smoking area shall be recirculated through or infiltrate other parts of the building

The smoking area shall be for the use of employees only.

You can view the agenda for the meeting here.