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This Halloween Make Safety a Priority

10/30/13 7:20 p.m.

By: Kevin Karel (WRGA News)

Few things bring more unbridled joy to children than Halloween and the quest for candy each October 31st. For many parents however, the holiday can be viewed through a prism focused on keeping those same children safe while still enjoying the tricks and treats.

Rome Police Chief Elaine Snow says parents need to keep safety in mind on Halloween because their children most likely are not;

“Well you know one of the most important things is parents knowing where their children are. I think that’s the very beginning. Also if you are taking your little ones out with you and you’re going along to ensure their safety, then we strongly encourage that you be very observant of what’s going on because the little ones aren’t, you know they’re running back and forth and they’re excited to get to someone’s yard and get some of the treats that they’ll be given. We strongly encourage that you wear reflective or some type of reflective material on your clothing.”   

Other useful tips for parents include inspecting all candy especially if it is not made by a manufacturer and to make sure costumes are fire-retardant. She also emphasized that children should never be allowed to trick-or-treat alone.

Snow said typically police will receive a higher volume of criminal complaints on Halloween.