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Woman who spotted couple was not supposed to be in that area

081914 10:20 a.m.

Ashley Seaman had taken a wrong turn and was not even supposed to be near the Starbucks at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta when she spotted a missing Louisiana couple.

The driver started to back up in what Seaman described as an “awkward” way” and she let them pass. The woman leaned a bit out the window and she recognized Willie Pearl Billot, who had been missing since Friday.

“It just clicked. That’s the couple I saw on the news,” Seaman said. “So I got behind them and followed them out of the parking lot and called 911.”

Willie and Demetrious Billiot had not been seen since Friday when they left a relative’s home on Gill Road. They left their cell phones behind and no one had any contact with them since.

Seaman said they looked a little disheveled and lost because they were driving in a circle.

The couple has been taken to Kennestone Hospital to be checked out. Niece Miranda Terry-Cart just told WRGA they are fine and they know who family members are.

Seaman was happy she could help the family find their missing relatives.

“If those were my parents, I would want someone to do the same thing and be aware,” Seamon said.

The stay at home mom had recently worked in hospice and was on her way to an appointment and was not supposed to be in that area.