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Georgia team assisting Florida 911 dispatchers

September 19, 2017--10:50 a.m.


A team of telecommunications officers from Georgia are Florida, assisting 911 operators there in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Gordon County 911 Training Coordinator Amy Ivey is in charge of The Telecommunications Emergency Task Force.

“We get a request from a state, or it could be from inside our state, of there is a disaster that we need to go in and help with their telecommunications,” she said. “Because Irma was declared a federal disaster, we were requested by Florida TERT to send a team down to help relieve some of the telecommunications officers who had been on duty for days on end.”

After Ivey received the request from Collier County, Florida, she started putting together a team, which was then deployed in less than 24 hours.

“They are experiencing a lot of high call volume,” Ivey added. “I spoke with my team leader Tamika Kendrick, and they have been extremely busy. However, everyone is faring well. Everyone is working together. That is one thing I can say about this line of work when everything kind of goes bad or goes south, everyone pulls together.”

Two of the team members took the night shift Monday, and three worked Tuesday, including Chrissy Medeiros from Floyd County E-911 (pictured) who is working the day shift while the team is in Florida.

Ivey was a guest on Tuesday’s Hometown Headlines Radio Edition with John Druckenmiller.