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More severe weather possible Wednesday

April 4, 2017--10:53 a.m.

By David Crowder

On Monday, severe storms rolled into the state, with several possible tornadoes south and east of us.

We have the potential for severe weather again Wednesday.

Because Monday’s storms hit in the middle of the day while most people were at work, Floyd County Emergency Management Tim Herrington sent out an email reminding employers to make sure their employees are familiar with the emergency plans specific to their facilities.

“A lot of people weren’t familiar with where their safe areas were in their offices,” Herrington said. “So we sent out the email to try and encourage the offices to make sure their folks are familiar with the emergency plans for those buildings and where those safe areas are located.”

Whether at work or at home, Herrington said any emergency plan needs to be second nature because immediate action is needed when a Tornado Warning is issued.

“You don’t have time to hunt for your plans and then try to explain where you are supposed to relocate at, where your safe area is, or what emergency preparedness items you’re are going to need and where they are located,” he said. “You need to know what to take with you in the event of a Tornado Warning and all that needs to be readily accessible.”

Scattered to numerous severe thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday and into Wednesday night.

Damaging winds, large Hail, tornadoes and frequent lightning will be the main hazards.

Heavy rain can also be expected with minor flooding possible.

You can read more about what needs to be a part of an emergency plan here.