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Congressional Baseball Shooting, Loudermilk Okay

6/14/2017 11:00 a.m.

WBHF Radio/Hometown Headlines

A multiple shooting occurred around 7:15 Wednesday morning, which resulted in U.S. House majority whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and two capital police officers being shot. The shooting happened during a congressional baseball practice in northern Virginia with the charity game scheduled tomorrow. U.S. Congressman Barry Loudermilk, who serves Georgia’s 11th district, which includes Bartow County, was on the field when the shooting occurred.

U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk: "I was on the field at the congressional baseball practice but I’m OK. This was a senseless act of evil. Please pray for those who were shot and their families. There were a lot of heroes here today."

Representative Mo Brooks told CNN that at least five people, including Scalise. Brooks also said that “there must have been 50 to 100 shots fired.”

Scalise who was badly injured, but currently in stable condition, was shot in the hip. The gunman, who was described as a white, middle-aged man with a rifle, was shot put U.S. Capitol Police, apprehended and transported to the hospital, according to officials. 

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves is not on the team nor are members of his staff. 

U.S. Senator Jonny Isakson released this statement about the shooting. 

“Steve Scalise is a great friend, and I am praying for him, our Capitol Police officers, the staff members and all those involved in today’s terrible attack. I hope that all Americans will join me in condemning this senseless act of violence against innocent lives. Thank you to the U.S. Capitol Police, our first responders and all who rushed to aid the victims.”