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Lunar eclipse will only be viewable for a short time

January 30, 2018--9:41 a.m.


A lunar eclipse is taking place Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, there will not be a lot to see in our area.

David Dundee with the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville tells us what to expect.

“The eclipse will start at 6:48 local time,” he said. “So if you are driving to work or going to school at the time you’ll notice what looks like the Cookie Monster taking a bite out of the Moon. It will be low in the west, so if you have a lot of trees in the west you may have difficulty seeing it. However, at 7:37 local time, the Moon sets. So, that’s it. We don’t even see the Moon totally eclipsed.”

If you want to see the entire eclipse, it will have to be online.

NASA will be streaming it.

However, next year there will be another lunar event that will be spectacular.

“There’s going to be a gorgeous lunar eclipse and we will see the whole thing next January,” Dundee said. “The January of 2019 eclipse will start around 10:30 at night and we will see the whole thing. It will be beautiful and we will have the observatory open and stuff like that.”

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Dundee was a guest on Tuesday’s Hometown Headlines Radio Edition with John Druckenmiller.