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State School Superintendent candidates differ on Common Core

July 14, 2014--8:03 a.m.

By David Crowder

On July 22nd, Georgia voters will decide a number of runoff contests.

One statewide race is for State School Superintendent.

On the Republican side, for Rome City School Administrator Mike Buck is taking on Richard Woods.

The two differ on the issue of Common Core.

Buck says there needs to be a thorough review and see if any adjustments need to be made.  But he says we shouldn’t "Throw the baby out with the bath water."

Buck said, “The Governor’s Office supports it, the State Board of Education supports it, the PTA, the Military, the Georgia Chamber, I could go on and on, because they work.  They [standards] are solid, they’re portable from one state to another and we’re three years into the standards.  Most of the pushback we get really has nothing to do with the standards, it’s misinformation about what the standards are associated with.”

Meanwhile, Woods believe national standards do not fit in with the vision of the Founding Fathers, “As a candidate in 2010, I did opposed the Race to the Top Grant.  That was the mechanism by which we received the Common Core standards themselves.  I’m still opposed to that.  You know I think we as a state we need to follow the Constitution and make sure that we protect our right as a state to govern and be able to control education.”

Woods added there are also questions about the standards themselves and if they are really a step up the ladder from the old Georgia Performance Standards.

Early voting for the Primary Runoff is underway now.

WRGA will be focusing on the various races in the days leading up to the runoff.