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April 2, 1983 would prove to be a new day in the life of a young Alan Warren. It was the debut of his first TV episode Fishing Texas and the dawn of his TV career.

But one could say that Alan Warren was born to be the Host of a TV Outdoor Show. Growing up in Dallas, Texas Alan was a fanatic about the outdoors. His family and friends will tell you he was totally consumed with fishing and hunting. He would steal bacon and hot dogs from the refrigerator each afternoon and slip off to the nearby creek to fish, explore and learn about nature.

When he wasn't fishing or hunting, he was dreaming about it. And he would dream each weekend with his boyhood hero, Jim Thomas (The Lone Star Sportsman TV Show). Each week, Jim would travel the far corners of the globe with unforgettable adventures that would burn a permanent place in the soul of the little boy that would grow up to be one of America's favorite outdoor TV Hosts.

As a boy, Alan dreamed of one day producing an outdoor television program like his hero, Jim Thomas. In 1983, Alan's dream became a reality with the creation and launch of his first TV series, Fishing Texas. An instant success, Fishing Texas would be the launching pad for other series titles over the next 27 years.

As one of the most recognized sportsmen in America, Alan has created, produced and hosted numerous outdoor television programs including Fishing Texas, The Lone Star Sportsman and Alan Warren Outdoors and The Chevy Sportsman. The program can currently be seen on many cable systems across the country including Pursuit Channel and a variety of broadcast stations.

Alan's unique blend of technical knowledge, self-effacing humor and contagious enthusiasm has made his show a favorite of both sportsmen and non-sportsmen alike.

As Alan's career and popularity grew over the years, he never forgot his hero (Jim Thomas) and the magic that his stories had on him as a young boy.

In an unusual twist of fate, Alan met Jim Thomas in the early 1990's and they became close personal friends. Alan claims "Jim practically adopted me. I loved being with him, hearing his stories, listening to him snore when we fished together. He was a powerful influence on my career and I will forever be grateful to him."

In a show of support for his late mentor, Alan showcases some of the Jim Thomas library of Outdoor TV Classics on his program. These stories are special in so many ways. They reflect a simpler time and our viewers really love to watch them, says Alan.

Alan travels the country speaking to groups about the outdoors and entertains audiences with the same warm and pleasant style his viewers have become accustomed to.

He has helped promote a number of special causes such as Hunt of A Lifetime, Make-A-Wish and the Future Fisherman Foundation and supports the efforts of Rotary Clubs across the country. He also serves as a spokesman for many nationally recognized companies. His client list has included such companies as Auto Value, Bumper to Bumper and O'Reilly Auto Parts Stores, Dallas Ecological Foundation, The Exotic Wildlife Association, Sweeney Feeders, Record Rack Game Feeds, Valero, Valvoline, Wix Filters, Wagner Brakes, Monroe Shocks, Gates, 74 Ranch, Builders Square, Champion Boats, Mercury Outboards, Bass Pro Shops, 777 Ranch, Pabst Brewing Company, Old Milwaukee Beer, Lone Star Beer, Nissan USA, Chevy Trucks, Whataburger, La Quinta Inns and Suites, and Pennzoil.

In recent years, Alan has focused his attention to reaching middle school and high school students nationwide with an important message.

"The outdoors is YOURS. It belongs to YOU and it is up to YOU to preserve it for future generations!"

In a joint effort with fellow members of the Dallas Safari Club and Dallas Ecological Foundation, Alan uses his TV program to inform parents and students nationwide of a class that is available to them in the public school system that free of charge called Outdoor Adventures.

According to Alan: "There is no better way to touch the lives of young people and secure the future of fishing and hunting than through the Outdoor Adventures program, PERIOD. It should be supported by every angler, hunter, manufacturer and educator. Outdoor Adventures is reaching students in a powerful way (every day) and I am proud to be at the vortex of this movement."

Alan is a talented writer, producer and director who has created five outdoor television series and hosted over 730 episodes of television programming. He is a talented writer and storyteller and has recently launched his new weekly live radio show on the Salem Radio Network.

To compliment his activities related to his TV program, Alan is also a brilliant and skilled marketing specialist, who consults with many companies both inside and outside the outdoor industry. From developing themes for various products to production of television and radio commercials to developing complete television series and specials, Alan assists companies who want to deliver their message to the outdoor enthusiast.

Alan proudly acknowledges that; "No one initiates more viewer response more than we do, no one. Why? Because we now how to produce effective videos and television programs (that touch people) and we do it day in and day out".

Others agree. From lodge and ranch owners to guides and outfitters, to manufacturers of products of all kinds; Alan Warren delivers first class, effective video productions and media consulting services for his wide range of Clients.

Alan has experienced a lifetime of outdoor adventures including exploration of undiscovered mystery lakes in foreign countries to surviving an attack from a mountain lion. His one-of-a-kind combination of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm continues to draw viewers and listeners like a magnet.

Those who listen to Alan tell his stories of getting in the TV business, or meeting and working with Jim Thomas and his incredible tales of fate and how it has effected his life will leave you wanting more from a man who truly loves what he does and seems to have been BORN to be an outdoor TV Show Host.

Alan's philosophy in TV production is simple: "Make the production look fun, even for those who don't fish or hunt", says Warren. "We work hard to make the outdoors look fun, inviting and accessible. That's the key to our success".